EDGE LX7000 Echopanel Pinboards

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Echo Panel is a perfect environmentally friendly product for use in Pinboards. Manufactured from PET using 60% post consumer waste & is 100% recyclable.

Certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, EchoPanel® can also secure maximum credits as an ‘Eco Preferred Content’ material under the Green Star rating tool administered by the Green Building Council of Australia

Specifically created for the architectural and commercial designer market. The Visionchart EDGE LX7000 frame provides a stylish ultra slim frame for communication pinboards that enhances any modern office or workspace.

Satin silver edgeless frame with rear mounting split brackets completely hide all fixtures from  the board face providing a totally clean and visually appealing look.

Our low profile 3mm edge boards can be mounted side by side, virtually seamlessly  to create a communication wall.

  • LX7000 frame has a depth from wall of 20.7mm

 *Echo Panel is available in many colours and patterns.

*Echo Panel is a brand of Woven Image.

*2400 x 1200mm largest size in these colours.