Lumiére Magnetic Glassboard

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Lumiére is Australia's original and finest glassboard engineered to perform flawlessless for a lifetime the perfect surface, thickness, strength and quality.
You should choose Lumiére Glassboards™ for any project requiring an elegant writing surface that is stain free and magnetic receptive. They provide a sleek, timeless look and have been the choice for education interior designs and large scale projects in particular.


The 4.5mm toughened safety glass is painted and cured 5 times using the VISION COAT Ultraviolet Light curing process. The Ultraviolet Light curing process effectively minimises drying time, preventing flaws and errors that would occur during a standard drying time of paint coats. This increases the quality of the finished Glassboard™ colour finish, and allows for assured surface consistency.

VISIONCHART Lumiére Glass is low-iron allowing non-tinted transmission through the glass of the VISIONCHART Brilliant White finish. Standard glass has mineral traces that result in a green tint.


  • Toughened 4.5mm Magnetic Safety glass
  • Conforms to: AS/NZS 2208:1996
    Safety Glazing Materials In Buildings Standard
  • Polished edge and 6mm rounded corners
  • 12mm holes for fixing are space 35mm from edges
  • Includes clear acrylic pen tray
  • Includes 5 super strong glassboard magnets
  • 50 Year warranty on erasing surface
  • Sizes up to 1500x900mm have 4 holes with 4 fittings
  • Sizes 1500x1200mm or more have 6 holes with 6 fittings
  • Size 2400x1200mm have 8 holes with 8 fittings

Designed to blend seamlessly with any décor, the eco friendly brilliant white and ultra clear glassboards simply communicate, naturally.

CONTEMPORARY –  alternative to traditional whiteboards highlighted by the translucency and elegance of premium glass.

QUALITY – toughened safety glass, non-porous surface will not ghost or stain and works with standard dry-erase markers.

FRAMELESS – tempered glass is borderless to create clean lines, uncluttered and ultra modern appearance.

STYLISH FIXTURES  - float the board 20mm off the wall

STARPHIRE GLASS - is completely clear as most of the iron oxides have been removed - helps eliminate colour distortion.