Our Story


Peter Dyson, CEO 

With a Background going back 40 years in person to person Direct Sales & Client Relationship Management (CRM), Peter commenced his sales career in the Real Estate Industry way back in 1978. Times were different, in particular the lack of complexity in ownership limitations & it was a world thriving with opportunity.

Moving to the Point of Sale industry in the early 80’s , he spent 11 years  consolidating computer driven business control systems for clients & developing Point of sale systems in the very early days of personal computing. Whilst also dabbling in the print industry, it was a natural stepping stone to acquire a small stationery business in the very late 1980’s.

Emerald Hills Stationers has grown & diversified from these introverted beginnings, over the next 40 years under his direction & ownership we have expanded into several other areas & are now offering our loyal client base a diversified range of services.

There are so many opportunities available to us, particularly in the B2B landscape. We offer Hiring and Sales of complete office outfit, desks, Photocopiers, Whiteboards & a whole lot more. 


Honesty & Integrity

Passion & Work Ethic

Agility & Focus

Versatile Communication & Conflict Solving Abilities

Problem Solving & Time Management

Adaptability & Immunity to Change

Improvisation & Learning from Constructive Feedback

Risk-Mitigated & Value Driven Approach

Effective Leadership with seamless Communications